Our Solution

Our automated client intake and management CXM is the perfect solution to manage client intake from outside industries.

Collaboration with external retailers presents a compelling opportunity for business growth.

Customer Focused Solutions

Mission: Simplify complex financial processes.
Approach: Tailored solutions with scalability in mind.
Focus: Systemize processes into scalable models.

Process Problems Solved

Appointments Booked

Client Transparency – Communication

Dealer Transparency – Communication

Vehicle Credit Pre-Qualification Options

Document Delivery

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive easy-to-use.

Click and go!

Onboarding Problems Solved

Training and Onboarding – Online!

Onscreen Training and Support!

“Developed by car people for car people!”

Fred G Founder and CEO

Part of the team!

Is chasing after customers and dealership staff really the best use of your Trustee’s time?

Our automated software streamlines your teams valuable time.

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