CreditGurus is a revolutionary online credit improvement software that provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for people to improve their credit without incurring any costs.

With the CreditGurus process, clients have successfully stopped collection calls, balanced budgets, and reduced their financial stress.

The platform is powered by two key components – SCREEN and SIMPLICITY. SCREEN is an analysis program that evaluates an individual’s credit profile, while SIMPLICITY is an easy-to-use on-screen process that delivers credit improvement options in a simple and understandable way.

Our software is the perfect solution for innovative retailers and lenders that are looking to help their declined credit applicants stay connected to their brand.

By helping people with difficult credit, it helps them get back into the purchasing cycle quicker.

Offering a credit improvement option at their business shows they care about their customers and helps keep the people that are improving their credit, connected to their brand.

These people become the purchasers of tomorrow making the software an excellent lead generation tool.

A great way to reduce customer acquisition costs.


The software connects with credit industry leaders, including for-profit corporations and non-profit credit counselors.

CreditGurus provides an experience unparalleled by the current providers.


CreditGurus is the gateway to a new financial future, offering its clients the resources and support needed to improve their credit and build a strong financial foundation.

Provide a path forward!