CG Technologies specializes in developing customer experience software solutions (CXM) for the automotive, lending and insolvency industries.

We focus on enhancing customer interactions and driving growth.

We aim to lead our industry with cutting-edge technologies and meticulous work.

Our Software Solutions!

Automotive CXM

Our Automotive CXM is designed as a white label solution to handle the needs of large automotive, recreational, motorsport, motorcycle and marine dealership groups.

Designed to facilitate of the integration of client facing dealership services into one easy-to-use voice command application. Tap – Talk – Connect!

Our CXM helps clients interact with your business without the needing to expand your front line team.

This facilitates a smooth client experience especially during peak hours.

Insolvency CXM

Our Insolvency CXM is designed to handle the needs of large insolvency firms.

Our operation software guides the process and between the client, dealership and Trustee to facilitate a “soft landing” for clients that have become insolvent.

Credit Improvement Software “CreditGurus”

The CreditGurus software is provided by retailers and lenders to help clients that failed to receive offers from lenders due to their credit standing.

Instead of sending clients away, our subscribers keep their clients engaged with their brand and offer a free solution to their clients to resolve their credit issues, creating additional buying power in the future.

(Sometimes in as little as 14 days!)

Check out the software in action:

About Us

CG Technologies has been at the forefront of the automotive software industry since 2021.

We continue to expand our products, services and features each and every day.

We supply local and global companies with innovative software products of the highest quality.


Our software solutions

SOLVE bottlenecks and process problems.

Maximize efficiency.

Offer a smooth user experience.

With years of practical automotive and technical experience we build solutions to the highest standards.

Our innovative products are created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

At CG Technologies, we use only the highest-quality materials and cutting edge technologies.

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